Sunday, 18 October 2015

Baggy Point

Last time I went to Baggy Point I dismissed it as 'the chossiest pile of wank I've ever seen'. Two years later I'm still haunted by nightmares of the second pitch of the route 'Kinkyboots', where I didn't just find myself thinking I'd die, I actually wished for it. Just to end the vegetated guillotine flake horror of the final slab. 

Against my better judgement I recently went back there to do a couple routes on the massive Long Rock Slab, and actually ended up having an awesome time. Here's a few photos of the day...

Sketchy approach 'path' to the Long Rock

The rope was just short enough to not quite reach past the really scary bit

More bloody slabs

The awesome Long Rock

45m abseil to the ledge

Funky ab in

Me leading Shangri-la

Looking back down the route from the belay

Pat seconding the fluffy but still brilliant upper crack

Posing on the finishing blocks

The mega crack line of Lost Horizon

Pat psyched for the big lead

Pat shitting himself

Pat shitting himself

Pat shitting himself

Finally at the top (but still probably shitting himself)

Long old pitch

Me seconding just before the sustained foot wedge section

Spike belay at the top

Looking back towards the promontory from Woolacombe